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Religious Studies Minor

Why Minor in Religious Studies?

The minor in Religious Studies in an interdisciplinary program comprising of courses that engage in the academic study of religion.  Any course accepted for credit toward the minor must have religion, understood in a broad sense, as its primary focus or one of its primary foci.  Such courses may study any of a very large range of issues, such as the definition of religion, the history of religion or of particular religions, the study of religious texts, religious practices or experience, themes in religious art or other modes of religious expression, and so on.

Requirements for Religious Studies Minor

Requirements for the Religious Studies minor - 18 credits

    Required course

    • PHIL 0220 - Studies in Religion

    Religious Studies Electives

    A minimum of five elective courses from at least three academic disciplines or departments.  Any of the following courses will automatically count for elective credit toward the minor.  Other courses, including special topics courses, may be counted for credit toward the minor at the discretion of the chair of the Philosophy Department (where necessary, after consultation with faculty in other departments).

    • ART 0357 - Islamic Art
    • CRJU 0323 - Religion and Crime in Contemporary America
    • EGST 0206 - Introduction to Islamic Studies
    • EGST 0213 - Contemporary Issues in Islamic Studies
    • EGST 0220 - Religion. Gender and Society
    • HIST 0315 - The Crusades
    • PHIL 0107 - Major Religions of the West
    • PHIL 0108 - Major Religions of the East
    • PHIL 0109 - Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
    • PHIL 0200 - Special Topics in Philosophy:
    • PHIL 0211 - Asian Philosophy
    • PHIL 0306 - Seminar in Religious Studies:
    • SOCI 0200 - Cultural Anthropology
    • SOCI 0309 - Sociology of Religion