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Spanish, Translation and Interpreting Concentration

Why Choose a Concentration in Translation and Interpreting Concentration?

This concentration prepares students for a career in translation and interpreting, in which advanced-level proficiency in both Spanish and English is required.  Students take a range of advanced courses on a variety of topics in order to acquire a diverse set of specialized vocabularies, in addition to specialized courses on the art and skill of translation and interpreting.  the goal is to produce a truly proficient professional with cross-cultural and inter-cultural competency and specific translation and interpreting skills.  this preparation affords the student a practical foundation for professional use of the spanish language, including advanced writing skills, formal presentation skills in Spanish, technical translation skills, and advanced cultural competency.  all classes are conducted exclusively in Spanish, providing ample opportunity to practice language skills.

Requirements for Spanish, Translation and Interpreting Concentration

Requirements for the Spanish Major, Translation and Interpreting Concentration - 39 Credits

    Major Core - 15 Credits

    • LSPA 0103 - Spanish III
    • LSPA 0104 - Spanish IV
    • LSPA 0215 - Speaking and Writing Spanish
    • LSPA 0316 - Advanced Spanish Conversation
    • LSPA 0397 - Capstone

    Translation and Interpreting Requirements - 18 Credits

    • LSPA 0311 - Comparative Grammar: Spanish/English
    • LSPA 0314 - Spanish for the Professions
    • LSPA 0318 - Spanish Interpreting I
    • LSPA 0328 - Spanish Interpreting II
    • LSPA 0330 - Methods and Techniques of Translation
    • LSPA 0398 - Internship: Spanish in the Community

    Spanish Electives - 6 Credits

    Choose three of the following:

    • LSPA 0205 - Spanish Composition
    • LSPA 0217 - Reading Spanish Texts
    • LSPA 0299 - Topics in Spanish Language
    • LSPA 0302 - Topics in Hispanic Cultural Studies
    • LSPA 0312 - Topics in Histpanic Literature
    • LSPA 0317 - Advanced Spanish Composition
    • LSPA 0321 - Topics in Spanish Language Cinema
    • LSPA 0325 - Popular Culture in the Spanish Speaking World
    • LSPA 0340 - Special Topics in Spanish
    • LSPA 0399 - Independent Study

    Additional Graduation Requirements

    All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .