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Wildlife Conservation Minor

Why Minor in Wildlife Conservation?

The minor in Wildlife Conservation is designed to allow students who are interested in Wildlife to gain the sills and knowledge necessary to work professionally as wildlife scientists or technicians, to prepare them for graduate study in wildlife or organismal ecology, and to guide their course selection as part of the Environmental Science major.  The minor is available to Environmental Science majors as well as students majoring in other disciplines.

Requirements for Wildlife Conservation Minor

Requirements for Wildlife Conservation Minor - 20-21 Credits

  • ENVS 0105 - Natural History and Field Techniques
  • ENVS 0209 - Wildlife Biology
  • choose one
  • ENVS 0230 - Estimating Wildlife Populations
  • or
  • BIOL 0128 - General Biology II
  • ENVS 0225 - Natural Resource Conservation and Management
  • ENVS 0309 - Wildlife Ecology and Management
  • MATH 0123 - Mathematical Methods in the Natural Sciences