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Psychology Department

Why Psychology?

The Department of Psychology prepares students to either continue their education in graduate school, or immediately enter the workforce. Career options for the Psychology major abound. Employers are looking for people who are flexible, imaginative, good people handlers and can think critically about concepts and society. Psychology majors are prepared to succeed in any career path that involves people—as clients, co-workers, employees, and bosses.

There are opportunities for experiences outside the classroom, such as independent research, teaching assistant, internship, practicum or psychology club.


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Psychology Department + Westfield State University

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Westfield State University Psychology Club


WSU psychology Department

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Department Announcements

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Some areas graduates work in are:

  • Business and industry
  • Community and public relations
  • Health and human services
  • Teaching

Clubs & Organizations

  • Psychology Club

    The purpose of the Psychology Club is to foster an active interest in Psychology through various activities.

  • Psi Chi - WSU Chapter

    International Honor Society in Psychology. Building relationships that advance psychology.

    Psi Chi