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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Meetings Announcement:

Posted Spring 2018

WSU IACUC meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month. Please contact the IACUC Chair for specific meeting times and locations.

Westfield State University supports the use of animals for research as an ethical and scientific necessity for the advancement of human and animal well-being, and the advancement of knowledge and understanding of living systems. Accordingly, WSU has an Animal Care and Use Program in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act , Title 9, Code of Federal Regulations, Subchapter A, "Animal Welfare," Parts 1-3, USDA/APHIS Animal Care Policies , and the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.

In accordance with federal regulations, Westfield State University has an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) which is charged with overseeing the use of vertebrate animals in teaching and research. The IACUC reviews proposed projects using animals, inspects animal care facilities and study areas, submits reports to the Institutional Official, and investigates concerns.

Use of live vertebrate animals for research, teaching, training, experimentation, or biological testing, on or off-campus, and related purposes must have WSU IACUC approval before the project starts if:

  • The work will be conducted by a Westfield State University employee, Westfield State University student(s), or anyone else with an affiliation with the University, and/or
  • It involves use of animals housed in a University facility, and/or
  • It is funded through an award to, or processed through, the University

This also applies to consortium participants and subprojects. For animal use conducted at another institution or contractor, including foreign institutions, the other institution must have an OLAW Assurance and/or AAALAC certification. If your proposed use of animals is described in a proposal submitted through the Westfield State University Office of Grants and Sponsored Research you must check "vertebrate animals" on an IACUC Approval Form submitted with your proposal. Contact the IACUC office if you are unsure whether your proposed use of animals needs IACUC review.

Jason B. Ramsay, PhD

Assistant Professor
Biology Department
Westfield State University
Wilson Hall, Room 214B
577 Western Ave.
Westfield, MA 01086
Office: 413-572-8417

WSU IACUC Attending Veterinarian
Sharon Lynch, VMD

Hilltowns Veterinary Clinic
133 S Washington State Rd
Washington MA 01223
Office: 413-623-5329

WSU IACUC Member (Scientist) and Event Report Contact
Sarah Tomas

Laboratory Coordinator
Biology Department
Westfield State University
Wilson Hall, Room 220
577 Western Ave.
Westfield, MA 01086
Office: 413-572-8390
Cell: 413-262-0590

WSU IACUC Member (Scientist)
Kristen A. Porter, PhD

Assistant Professor 
Biology Department
Westfield State UniversityOK
Wilson Hall 205C
577 Western Ave
Westfield, MA 01086
Office: 413-572-8397

WSU IACUC Member (Non-Scientist)
Louann D’Angelo

Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
Westfield State University
103-A Parenzo Hall
577 Western Avenue
Westfield, MA 01086
Office: 413-572-5622

WSU IACUC Community Member (Non-Scientist)
Steve Liptak

Westfield, MA 01086
Phone: 413-531-6581

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