Installment Payment Plan

Westfield State University offers an Installment Payment Plan to assist families in paying billed expenses. Administered by the Student Accounts office, the Installment Payment Plan allows families to spread each semester’s balance due over four monthly payments.

  • All previous balances must be paid in full before joining the Installment Payment Plan.
  • The minimum amount that can be budgeted in the plan is $1000 per semester.
  • There is a $50 fee per semester to join the Installment Payment Plan. This must be included in the initial payment.
  • The initial payment is due by the billing due date printed on each semester’s bill.
  • The following three payments are due by end of the next three consecutive months. You will not receive statements. It is the family’s responsibility to remember to make the payments.
  • Late payments or returned checks may result in late fees and ineligibility for future Installment Payment Plan participation.
  • You may join the plan by completing the 'Installment Payment Plan' section of the "Bill & Payment Adjustment Form" which will be sent with your bill.

The Financial Aid Office encourages families who plan to borrow for a balance due to consider also joining the payment plan in order to reduce the amount borrowed. A family who participates in the payment plan at the minimum level, every semester, for four years, has avoided $8,000 in parent and/or student debt. The financial aid process assumes that families fund higher education from past, current, and future earnings. Participation in the Installment Payment Plan is one way to put current income to work funding education.

Questions about the payment plan should be directed to the Student Accounts office at 413-572-8538, option 1.