Natalie Lussier of Mail Services Reveals A Day in the Office

Dec 6, 2023
Mike DeJesus and Natalie Lussier of Mail Services, sitting on a package cart and smiling at the camera. They are surrounded by stacks of packages around them, displaying the amount of parcels needing distribution across campus.

Mike DeJesus and Natalie Lussier.

Natalie Lussier, working as a Mail Clerk in the University’s Mail Services office, graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. At the office, mornings consist of collecting packages from the local post office before they’re then scanned, tagged, and processed. Throughout the day, delivery organizations such as the United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, and Amazon, drop off additional packages, which are also processed.

To help with the workload, about 14 work study students supplement the office’s staff to work the front desk and aid in similar tasks. Staff then makes two to three rounds around campus per day to deliver interdepartmental memos.

Although the office has been relocated in the wake of campus renovations to Lammers’ Hall, Lussier and her fellow staff members find joy regardless of where they are. “We went a little nuts for Halloween,” she said. “The lobby in Lammers’ Hall was decorated all over. Mike DeJesus, Supervisor of Mail Services, painted his face, and so did I. We went to campus and delivered packages like that.”

The mail room office has an Instagram account where important information about what students need to know in terms of delivering and mailing out packages is posted. For example, students should always put their full names on packages in addition to their middle initial, due to the chance that another student on campus may share the same name. Students are also able to mail packages from the campus, as the office will process the mail and then be picked up at the UPS dropbox outside.

For Lussier, who grew up in Westfield and has spent “more than a decade” at the University, as she used to work as a painter several summers before graduating, attending Westfield State seemed a given. “Everyone here is a big family,” she said. “I’ve lived in Westfield my whole life, and coming here was a no-brainer. It was affordable and right in my backyard. I’m not really a city person, and it’s nice to have a rural area close to campus so that students have access to nature. The University is just this microcosm… it’s the perfect size.”