Student Profile: Will Brewster ’26 Returns Home to Westfield

Jul 3, 2024
Will Brewster, a junior and football player at Westfield State. He's wearing his Owls uniform and has dark paint smudged on his face from a recent game.

Will Brewster '26.

Will Brewster ’26, a junior majoring in Geography, Planning, and Sustainability (GPS) with a minor in Environmental Science, is set to continue his academic journey this fall at Westfield State University. Born and raised in Westfield, Brewster initially broadened his horizons by attending East Coast Prep in Great Barrington before transferring to Southern Connecticut State University for three semesters.

Homesickness led Brewster back to his roots at Westfield State, where he found a deeper connection to his community. "I felt more connected to the area after returning home than I would if I had never left," Brewster reflected.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Brewster is an active member of the University’s football and track teams, where he has formed lasting friendships. Despite always having an interest in science, he was initially unsure which field to pursue. After experimenting with movement science, Brewster took a class in environmental science, which eventually guided him to the GPS department.

"When I first started preparing for college, I was interested in solar panels, windmills, and sustainable energy, but I didn't know which classes were relevant to those fields," Brewster commented. "Nobody ever explained that to me."

A turning point came when Brewster saw a poster for the GPS department on a bulletin board and reached out to Dr. Brian Conz, Professor and Chair of the department. Dr. Conz suggested that he enroll in the department’s Green Building Studio course. "Compared to everyone else, I probably knew nothing about it all, but I ended up learning a lot about the field," Brewster said.

Dr. Michael Vorwerk, a Professor of Environmental Science, also played a crucial role in Brewster’s academic success. Brewster, who had struggled with math, found Dr. Vorwerk’s guidance invaluable. "He and I started talking a lot more, and he helped me a lot. Things got easier because I started asking him questions," Brewster shared.

Beyond his studies and sports, Brewster works as a student tour guide on campus. This role has helped him become more familiar with the University while providing social and financial opportunities. "My favorite part is that even though it's always the same information, I get to talk to new people every time," Brewster said. "I like walking around and explaining the different parts of campus to everybody and then answering their questions." Despite his busy schedule, Brewster plans to continue working as a tour guide next summer.

Brewster offers valuable advice for new students, telling them to reach out and be who they authentically are. "As long as you put your best foot forward and you’re your best and most genuine self, people are always going to gravitate towards that,” he said. “When I first came here, I didn’t know a lot of people even though I’m from the area, but I told myself that I was just going to be myself and see what happens. I ended up meeting a lot of people right off the bat because everyone in college wants to know other people. Be your best self!"