Westfield State University Promotes Sustainability Efforts with New Electric Vehicle Chargers

Jun 20, 2024
The electric vehicle charger in the Commuter Lot. It is an orange machine and flanked by two, red safety pillars.

The level 3 EV charger in the Commuter Lot.

As part of the University's dedication to environmental stewardship, Westfield State has recently installed several electric vehicle (EV) chargers on campus. This initiative aligns with the University's core values and reflects its proactive approach to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

The new EV chargers will provide convenient access to sustainable energy sources for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who own electric vehicles. This implementation not only supports the University's sustainability goals, but also enhances the overall campus experience by fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and innovation.

A level 3 fast charger has been installed in the commuter lot near the Nettie Stevens Science Building, and two level 2 chargers have been installed near the power plant. While the parking spots near these chargers are open to the entire University, drivers should only park in them with the express purpose of charging their electric vehicles.

To use the chargers, users must download the ChargePoint application and set up an account with their personal and vehicle information. Users are responsible for their own accounts and the costs associated with charging their vehicles. All payments and billing issues can be managed through ChargePoint, as the Facilities Department will not be responsible for individual accounts.

Westfield State University owns these stations and will cover the electricity costs, along with any maintenance or repairs. Because of this, the pricing model is calculated based on overall costs to the University and is similar to other institutions in the area. Prices start at $0.18 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), with an additional $1.60 charged for every hour of charging. After 30 minutes of the vehicle completing its charge, an extra $11 per hour ($0.18 per minute) will be billed.

Looking ahead, the University plans to install more chargers on campus as funding and grants become available. An additional charger will be installed behind Parenzo Hall and will follow the same policies as the other chargers.

Please note that policies may change if there are difficulties with the current arrangement. If the chargers are not functioning properly, please contact Shawn Robbins of Facilities at srobbins@westfield.ma.edu or extension x5209.