David Lovejoy


B.A.,University of Connecticut
Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Joined Westfield State University in 1970


Local Flora
Massachusetts Natural History


Philosophy: My classroom approach differs considerably between courses, and sometimes even within an individual course. Some courses (e.g. Flora of Massachusetts, portions of Environmental biology and Plant Communities) include a lot of specific information which I attempt to present clearly and with pertinent examples, primarily by lecture. In other courses (e.g. Teaching Secondary School Biology, portions of Evolution and Plant Communities) I encourage considerable discussion and/or provide the opportunity for individual student projects. In all courses, I support the notion of students taking some responsibility for their own education and encourage them to use the course instructor as one of the many resources available to help them learn a new field.

Courses that Dr. Lovejoy teaches:

BIOL 102: Environmental Biology
BIOL 200: Natural History in America
BIOL 305: Plant Communities
BIOL 216: Flora of Massachusetts
BIOL 230: Evolution