General Information for Chemical & Physical Science Majors

Welcome to the Department of Chemical & Physical Sciences at Westfield State!  The department office (Wilson 305), faculty offices, and most classes for the department will be found on the third floor of Wilson Hall.  Below, you'll find information about departmental procedures and resources available to you as a student.  If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or the Department Chair, currently Christopher Masi.

  • Advising:  Students are assigned a faculty advisor at the time of their entry into the program.  Your advisor will help you with planning your program, selecting courses, and general academic and career issues.  You should meet with your advisor at least once each semester (during the advising period for registration for the following semester) and whenever you have questions.  Prior to making an appointment for registration, be sure to get a copy of the Course Schedule Booklet for the upcoming semester and to review your progress toward your degree (check the current WSU Bulletin).  Pay attention to course prerequisites in planning your schedule, and note that many upper-level courses are offered only once a year or in alternate years.  Put together a plan of courses that you expect to take in the following semester as a starting point for discussion with your advisor.  After advising, your advisor will give you a PIN that will allow you to register for your courses online at your scheduled time.  If you're not sure who your advisor is, check with Cathleen Beals (the department administrative assistant) or scan the advising lists posted on the bulletin board inside the W305 conference room.
  • Majors:  The Department offers major programs in Chemistry and General Science, and both majors are also associated with optional licensure programs that will prepare you for teaching at the K-12 level.  If you plan to seek licensure, be sure to review the information on the Department's Licensure page.
  • Program Goals and Outcomes:  All departmental majors who entered the program prior to Fall, 2017 are required to demonstrate that they have met the learning goals and outcomes that have been developed for departmental programs (you can view those goals and outcomes here:  Chemistry or General Science).  To that end, you'll be compiling a portfolio of materials during the fall of your senior year during the Senior Seminar course (CHEM 0389 or GNSC 0383).  That task will be much easier if you've saved appropriate materials from classes throughout your college career, so be sure to look over the goals and objectives early on and to discuss this requirement with your advisor.
  • Student Resources:  The University provides a number of resources to help foster academic and personal success.  Among those resources are the Banacos Center (providing free peer tutoring for many courses), the Reading and Writing Center (offering help with papers, preparation for the Communication and Literacy MTEL, and other services), the Counseling Center (facilitating problem-solving and personal growth), and the Career Center (offering help with career planning).