Communication Department Competencies Developed

Media Arts and Analysis Concentration – develops competencies in video and audio production, web design, social media technology, and analysis of mass media and social media effects, the media industry, advertising. Advances media literacy and critical thinking.

Public Relations Concentration – develops skiils in writing for public relations, as well as understanding and applying ethical and effective strategies in the area of public relations, social marketing, and advocacy as a vehicle for civic engagement.

Journalism Concentration – develops competencies in reporting and writing skills, as well as integrating multiple media platforms for the delivery of fair and accurate news reporting. Furthers analytical understanding of the role of journalism in a democratic society.

Communication and Culture Concentration – develops competencies in understanding communication across cultures, including global communication realities. Considers the role of communication in bridging difference, both locally and globally, and applying communication skills to the resolution of conflict and the advancement of human rights.