Criminal Justice Internships

All qualified Criminal Justice majors have the opportunity to experience work in a criminal justice agency during their senior year. The internship program is designed to provide seniors with an opportunity to translate classroom theory into practical application.

Prerequisites for the program include; 

  • Senior status (84 hours or more completed) at the time of your internship starting
  • An overall GPA at WSU of at least 2.5
  • Be able to pass a CORI check
  • No significant WSU Judicial Board Issues

Students have the option of receiving 3 or 6 Criminal Justice elective credits. To qualify for 3 credits a student would be placed for a minimum of 120 hours in the agency during the semester, the 6 credit option would be for 240 hours.  Winter Session internships are available for 3 credits only and a Summer Session internship is for 6 credits only.

Student Internships have been available in almost every area of the country in agencies representing each of the subsystems of the criminal justice system. Many students have found the internship program to be beneficial in realizing their professional goals.

If you have any questions about the program you should contact Audrelee Dallam Murphy of the Criminal Justice Department, at 413-572-5761 or