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Coaching Minor

Why Minor in Coaching?

The Movement Science, Sport, and Leisure Studies departments also offers a minor in coaching open to all majors.  For Movement Science and Athletic Training majors, credit may apply to both the major and the minor.  This minor provides students with fundamental coaching knowledge and skills needed for a variety of sporting environments.  This minor was designed to address the following domains (as identified ) the National Association for Sport and Physical Education): 1) Philosophy and Ethics, 2) Safety and Injury Prevention, 3) Physical Conditioning, 4) Growth and Development, 5) Teaching and Communication, 6) Sport Skills and Tactics, 7) Organization and Administration, and 8) Evaluation.

Requirements for Coaching Minor

Requirements for the Coaching Minor - 18 credits

  • MOVP 0100 - Introduction to Exercise Science
  • MOVP 0107 - Exercise Injuries: Prevention and Treatment
  • MOVP 0220 - Coaching Principles and Practice
  • MOVP 0261 - Theory and Practice of Games I: Analysis of Invasion Games and Striking/Fielding Games in Elementary and Secondary Education
  • MOVP 0321 - Organization and Administration for Exercise Science Note
  • MOVP 0331 - Sport and Exercise Psychology