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Computer and Information Science Minor

Why Minor in Computer and Information Science?

The minor in Computer and Information Science is available to students who are not majoring in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems. The dramatically increasing pervasiveness of computers in society makes this an attractive adjunct for you in numerous disciplines.

Requirements for the Minor in Computer and Information Science

Track 1 – Scientific/Technical - 20-21 Credits


  • CAIS 0102 - Computer Science Principles
  • CAIS 0120 - Computer Science/Program Design I
  • CAIS 0220 - Computer Science/Program Design II
  • CAIS 0310 - Database Management
  • CAIS 03xx - CAIS 0300-level Elective Credits: 3

One of the following - 3-4 Credits:


  • CAIS 0230 - Data Structures/Algorithm Analysis
  • CAIS 0240 - Software Engineering
  • CAIS 0265 - Introduction to Digital Electronics and Microprocessors

Track 2 – Business - 19-21 Credits


  • CAIS 0125 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • CAIS 0210 - Database Application Development Techniques
  • CAIS 0302 - Computer Science Seminar
  • CAIS 0310 - Database Management
  • CAIS 0346 - Systems Analysis and Design
  • CAIS 02xx/03xx - CAIS 0200/0300-level Elective Credits: 3-4

One of the following:


  • CAIS 0117 - Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CAIS 0120 - Computer Science/Program Design I
  • CAIS 0205 - Introduction to Cobol

Track 3 – Individualized - 18 Credits

This track requires that a student complete a minimum of 18 credits of CAIS-labeled coursework, with at least six credits being at the 300-level. The track is individualized in that courses constituting the program of study are determined by the student and DCIS advisor. Any CAIS-labeled coursework may be applicable to the program of study – however, the program must have been planned with and approved by a DCIS advisor prior to entry into the fourth course that is to be applied to the program.


    Coursework from other colleges may be transferred into the minor program; however, a minimum of 12 credits of coursework that will be applied to the program must be satisfied by coursework taken at Westfield State University.