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Our Mathematics Department focuses on creative classroom instruction and active learning. The Mathematics Department offers its students an energetic and dedicated faculty who find the world of mathematics exciting and challenging, and coursework that provides students with opportunities to experience the wonders of mathematics. Our courses are inquiry based, interactive and exploratory.

  • Hands-on learning with activities and projects, portfolios, group work and cooperative learning
  • Small department, with classes capped at 25 and a 1:7 faculty/student ratio
  • We “go outside and play” with mathematics activities, such as sidewalk chalk mathematics
  • You'll be writing about mathematics and reading and writing about mathematical literature
  • You're encouraged to present at conferences and volunteer in the community
  • Many faculty have developed customized course materials instead of using standard textbooks

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Department Spotlight

Professor of Mathematics Dr. Julian Fleron shares the inspiration behind "Mathematical Art Against Hate," a lenticular art project completed with Ainsley MacLeod '21, Summer Walker '18, and David Fried. 

Take a peek at the lenticular art project: "Mathematical Art Against Hate: Which Side Are You On?"


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Mathematics graduates work for government agencies as:

  • Teachers
  • Actuaries
  • Industry mathematicians
  • Scientists for Government Agencies
  • Data Scientists

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    The purpose of the Math Club is to provide students opportunities which broaden and enrich their participation in the world of mathematics.