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Movement Science, Sport and Leisure Studies Department

A trendsetter in the field

The Movement Science Program, with a reputation as one of the best offered by a public institution in New England, provides a strong foundation in the movement sciences, preparing students for several career opportunities in sports medicine and/or graduate study.

What makes us great

  • You'll be learning in state of the art facilities including human performance laboratories, athletic training center, aerobics studio and fitness conditioning facility
  • We help you build your resume with clinical experience, conferences and volunteerism
  • Our faculty are involved in research and stay current in their fields
  • There is room for electives to customize your major - many students take business courses to become more marketable
  • Our students gain so much through their volunteer experiences, including Hope for Hearts, Griffin’s Friends, the Kev Foundation, Boston Marathon and more
  • Opportunities for students to observe and participate in EMT, city, police and athletic training exercises on campus
  • The Master's Degree Program in Physical Education offers candidates a route to professional licensure


Students at the Movement Science Awards

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Undergraduate Enrollment

Graduate Enrollment


Possible futures in Movement Science:

  • Athletic Training
  • Occupational Therapy (Sports Medicine Concentration)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Physical Education (Elementary and Secondary)
  • Personal Training
  • Physical Therapy (Sports Medicine Concentration)
  • Physician Assistant (Sports Medicine Concentration)
  • Wilderness Leadership

Meet Our Alumni

Christine Andrews

Christine Andrews attended her first-ever national conference in Orlando to present her research findings on the relationship between academic and exercise motivation in kinesiology undergraduates. She likened the experience at the meeting to “being a kid in candy store.”

Andrews is considering graduate school in athletic management or nutrition—two areas that would fuel her passion in culinary arts and exercise science.

Clubs & Organizations

  • Athletic Training Club

    Members of the Athletic Training Club attend the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association Convention annually and bring back valuable hands-on

  • Movement Science, Sport and Leisure Studies Club

    The MSSLS Club provides social and professional experiences relating to Movement Science, Sport and Leisure Studies through activities.

  • Exercise Science Club

    The Exercise Science Club will provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that support healthy and fit lifestyles.