OGSP Advisory Committee

The work of Westfield State’s Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP) staff is enhanced by the guidance of the Grants Advisory Committee.

The Grants Advisory Committee collaborates with Academic Affairs administrators in the development of grant-related policies and procedures.  It represents faculty interests to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs.  The membership of the Grant Advisory Committee (GAC) includes Dean of Faculty and Director of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs as ex-officio members of the committee, 4 full-time faculty members/librarians, two staff (one representative from APA, one representative from AFSCME).

Members of the Committee are instrumental to Westfield State’s active internal grants programs, such as IPI, STARS, and University Research Grants Program.  The Committee develops goals and criteria for Internal Grants and participates in the evaluation of Internal Grant applications.  Therefore, members of the Grants Advisory Committee are not eligible to apply for Internal Grants.

For the academic year 2019 - 2020 members of the Grants Advisory Committee are:

  • Enrique Morales-Diaz, Interim Dean of Faculty (ex-officio)
  • Louann D'Angelo, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs (ex-officio)
  • Celeste Donovan, staff - TRIO Program (APA Representative)
  • Shirley Acquah, faculty - Department of Communications
  • Robert Chatt, faculty - Economics and Management
  • Jennifer Propp, faculty from the Department of Social Work
  • Alex Daniel, faculty - Psychology Department
  • Lauren DiCarlo, faculty - Environmental Science
  • Anna Rokicki, faculty - Mathematics Department

You are invited to contact any of these colleagues for information or feedback.