New Hall

Opened in 2005, New Hall houses 403 sophomore, junior and senior students in single and double rooms found within 4- and 6-person apartments.  The laundry room is located on the first floor just off the main lobby.  It includes several high efficiency washers and dryers (only high efficiency detergent should be used in the washers).  Vending machines are located in the laundry room as well as on each floor of the building.

New Hall is made up of 4- and 6-person apartments.  Full kitchens, private bathrooms (one in 4-person units, two in 6-person units), and large bay windows in the living room areas are among the amenities. 

Common areas include a main lounge equipped with a plasma television; a multi-purpose room suitable for a variety of academic and social uses; floor television lounges and study rooms; two elevators for student use; and a recreation room.

A unique feature of New Hall is the glass “bridge” that connects the residential areas on the second and third floors.

Room Sizes

  • 4- and 6-person apartments
  • Single  - 10' 5" X 9'
  • Double - 20' 6" X 9' 7"

Room Amenities

  • Air conditioning

  • Full kitchens

  • Private bathrooms (one in 4-person units, two in 6-person units)