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Welcome to the vibrant studio spaces of the Westfield State University Art Department, where creativity knows no bounds. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment for students to explore and hone their artistic talents. From the dynamic Ceramics Studio, equipped with multiple kilns and throwing wheels, to innovative spaces featuring Mac workstations and 3D printers, each offers unique opportunities for expression. Immerse yourself in printmaking in our dedicated Printmaking Studio, or bring your digital creations to life. Whether sculpting or delving into art history, there's something for every artistic pursuit. Explore and ignite your creativity today.

Professor and a student working on a project in the RIDE Center.

Dower 168, Ceramics Studio

Dower 168 is a 1,200 square foot studio dedicated to ceramics and wheel throwing classes. To enhance the student experience, Dower 168 offers an electric kiln, a Baily Deluxe gas-fired kiln, and ten pottery wheels. This spacious studio, complete with glazing rooms, provides the perfect environment for both novice and experienced potters to explore and create within the world of ceramics.

Dower Studio 168 with student working on a project with faculty member.

Dower 165, Printmaking Studio

Explore this 1,800 square foot printmaking studio, equipped with a diverse collection of presses tailored to various artistic styles. The studio features multiple press machines, including two etching presses, a lithography press, and comprehensive screen-printing equipment, providing artists with the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.

Dower 165 Print Making Studio with prints on top of table.

Dower 142 and 166, Computer Studios

These state-of-the-art computer studios boast 1,200 square feet, along with 20 iMacs in each studio. Dive into the world of graphic design, animation, and illustration with our extensive collection of cutting-edge equipment, including an Epson color printer, two 3D printers, Silhouette cutting machines, and multiple flat-bed scanners.

Dower 166 and 142 Computer Studios with students at computer stations.

Dower 169 and 171, 3D / Sculpture Studios

These studios, featuring expansive rooms, miter saws, and drill presses, will allow you to discover the joys of sculpting and woodworking. Each studio offers an impressive 1,300 square feet of space, where you can also refine your casting and clay work skills using our advanced sculpting technology.

Dower Studio 160 showcasing studio space with tables and chairs.

Dower 196, Sound Studio

Achieve professional-grade audio recordings for your animation-based projects using our innovative recording equipment and facilities. Capture every nuance and detail of your audio, ensuring that your projects sound polished and engaging. Our facilities are designed to meet the demanding requirements of audio production, providing you with the tools you need to bring your animations to life with exceptional sound quality.

Dower 196 Sound Studio with microphone and easel.

Dower 268, Art History & Art Education

Cultivate your learning experience with our dual projectors, designed to facilitate engaging presentations and dynamic discussions about art history. This advanced setup ensures that every session is interactive and visually stimulating and provides an optimal environment for learning and collaboration.

Art exhibit with students in rows of chairs.

Dower 270, Documentation Studio & Comping Room

Make use of our comprehensive range of documentation tools, including copy stands, 3D documentation equipment, and laminators, to achieve precise documentation and design work. Whether you're capturing intricate details, creating professional presentations, or preserving your projects with durable finishes, our equipment ensures accuracy and quality in every aspect of your work.

Student from a design class working on a project in the RIDE Center.

Dower 271 and 273, 2D Studios

This studio boasts a spacious 900-square-foot layout, complete with adjustable drafting tables designed to enhance your creative workflow. The environment is ideal for a variety of classes, including graphic design, color theory, and 2D exploration. In this space, students can fully immerse themselves in their projects, fostering creativity and skill development in a professional and fun setting.

Dower 273 Design Studio with students at desks and instructor speaking.

Dower 276, Drawing Studio

Find inspiration in this 1,300-square-foot studio specifically designed for sketching and illustration. Packed with drawing easels and benches, this studio provides the perfect setting to develop your skills and bring your art to life. Explore and master various drawing techniques and allow your artistic vision to flourish.

Dower 276 Drawing Studio showcasing students in a circle sketch drawing.

Dower 274, Painting Studio

Discover your own art within this expansive 1,400-square-foot studio, offering dedicated space for painting and mixed media projects. This thoughtfully designed environment provides the perfect setting for artists to explore their creativity and experiment with different techniques.

Dower 274 Painting Studio with two students painting.

Research, Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurial (RIDE) Center, Parenzo Hall

Access laser cutters and 3D printers to bring your design concepts to fruition in our innovative maker space.

ride center

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