Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club was formed to foster student driven learning, broaden knowledge of the field, and provide a space for students to share common interests in the Computer and Information Sciences fields. During active terms, the club usually meets weekly, and the club members decide on activities to be pursued during the academic year.

Some of the past activities in which the club has been involved in the past include:

  • Building robots that interact with the environment through sensors.
  • Holding hackathons and contests, where club members solve problems that were used in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.
  • Inviting speakers to discuss current topics of interest, such as the open source movement and game programming.
  • Designing and developing a website for the CAIS Department.
  • Designing and programming new games - in the past the club has built a MUD (Multi-user Dungeon)-type game.

Faculty Advisor: Ruth Kurniawati