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Anthropology Minor

Why Minor in Anthropology

Anthropology is the holistic, comparative and interdisciplinary study of human beings in cultural context.  Anthropologists study human beings and the symbols and rituals they use to create meaningful lives, and how they affect their worldviews.  The anthropology minor embraces the study of people’s past and present in natural and social environments.  Anthropology is an interdisciplinary social science that draws its methodology and theoretical understandings from the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences.  The Anthropology minor uses the broad and current definition of the discipline, which uses a five field program of study that recognized global development and post-colonial economic and political forces at work in the world today.  The five fields that students will be introduced to in their introductory coursework and can develop beyond the requirements include 1) cultural anthropology, 2) archeology, 3) biological anthropology, 4) linguistics, and 5) applied anthropology.  Our minor emphasizes the practical application of anthropological theory and method of community support, advocacy, problem-solving and critical thinking perspective on global development.

Requirements for Anthropology Minor

Requirements for the Anthropology Minor - 18 credits

    Core Requirements - 3 credits

    • ANTH 0101 - Introduction to Anthropology

    Core Areas - 9 credits

    • ANTH 0200 - Methods of Ethnography from 1900-Present
    • ANTH 0201 - Cultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 0250 - Special Topics in Anthropology
    • ANTH 0350 - Special Topics in Anthropology
    •  ANTH 0250 and ANTH 0350 only apply when the topic is in one of the major core areas of anthropology: 1) cultural anthropology, 2) archeology 3) biological anthropology, 4) linguistics, or 5) applied anthropology.

    Internship in Anthropology - 3 credits

    • SOCI 0300 - Internship in Sociology
    • This course may be used to fulfill the GERO 0370 for students who are also minoring in Gerontology or this course can be fulfilled through a related internship or practicum in another department with permission of the minor's advisor.  Alternatively students can complete this requirement through a research project from a related department or independent study with permission of the anthropology advisor.

    Electives - 3 credits

    Additional courses not listed may be used but require the approval of the Anthropology advisor.  In additional advances standing students may be able to fulfill requirements through independent studies from the Department of Sociology or the Department of Ethnic and Gender Studies with guidance of the Anthropology minor's advisor.  All requests for course approval should be submitted to the Anthropology advisor through the Department of Sociology or the Department of Ethnic and Gender Studies.

    • EGST 0217 - Culture and Personality
    • ANTH 0250 - Special Topics in Anthropology
    • ANTH 0313 - Chinese Culture and Society
    • ANTH 0320 - Political Anthropology
    • ANTH 0350 - Special Topics in Anthropology