The Spanish program is intended to prepare you to take your place in a globalized economy and world through a focus on language proficiency and cultural competence, along with a knowledge and appreciation of the Hispanic world in its historical, political, literary and artistic dimensions.


Requirements for the Spanish Major - 39 Credits

Major Core - 15 Credits

Spanish Electives - 18-24 Credits

Electives - 0-6 Credits

Additional Requirements:

Additionally, with faculty supervision students may do individual work in Spanish within an English-language course under the rubric of Languages Across the Curriculum, when approved by the Language Department Chair. With this approval, such courses may be used as substitutions within the Spanish elective and literature components of the major, for a maximum of six credits.

Additional Graduation Requirements

All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core.