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Music Minor

Why Minor in Music?

A Music minor may be particularly attractive if you seek to augment your major field of study with a basic knowledge of music.

Requirements for the Minor in Music

Program Requirements Music Minor - 23 Credits

Entrance into the Music Minor requires an audition.



    • MUSC 0111 - Music Theory I
    • MUSC 0113 - Sight Singing and Ear Training I
    • MUSC 0152 - Piano Class I (for Music Majors)
    • MUSC 0153 - Piano Class II (for Music Majors)
    • *Students may take a piano proficiency exam to waive piano class requirements.
    • MUSC 0201 - Music History II
    • MUSC 0170 - Applied Music (Minor) I
    • MUSC 0171 - Applied Music (Minor) II
    • MUSC 0172 - Applied Music (Minor) III
    • MUSC 0173 - Applied Music (Minor) IV
    • MUSC 0279 - Recital Attendance and Performance
    • (4 semesters at 0.5 credits per semester)

    Ensemble Requirement - 2 Credits

    Four semester of participation in one of the following ensembles, as assigned by the department, to run concurrently with four semester of applied lessons:

    • MUSC 0143 - Wind Symphony
    • MUSC 0141 - University Chorus
    • CCGS Orchestra


    9 credit hours from the following, or other courses approved by the department chair:

    • MUSC 0104 - World Music
    • MUSC 0160 - History of Jazz
    • MUSC 0112 - Music Theory II
    • MUSC 0114 - Sight Singing and Ear Training II
    • MUSC 0200 - Music History I
    • MUSC 0230 - Basic Conducting
    • Up to Two Additional Ensembles (other than required) Credits: 1


    Performance on Departmental Recitals is optional at the discretion of the Applied Instructor.