History Department Internships

The History Department offers three (3) internship programs. Two programs are on-campus opportunities while the third offers the chance for off-campus internship work at various museums, historic sites, archives, and libraries. All students are encouraged to take an internship, which can range from 1-12 credits each. Students who are uncertain as to their career goals are welcome to do multiple internships. Internships can be completed during the semester or over the summer. Students may count one, 3-credit internship as one of their electives for degree completion.

Special summer and semester-long internships are also available in Washington, D.C. and through other state and national programs. Westfield State University's Career Center can assist with additional resources for internship programs outside the History Department.

Please contact the designated internship supervisor for more information. Off-campus internships require a 3.0 GPA and letter of recommendation from a history department faculty member.

  •   HIST 293 – Internship: Off Campus                             

Supervisor: Dr. Christin Cleaton-Ruiz

   •  HIST 294 – Internship: Historical Journal of Massachusetts    

Supervisor: Dr. Mara Dodge

   •  HIST 295 – Internship: Global Women's History Project           

Supervisor: Dr. Elise Young


An off-campus internship is an excellent opportunity for students to explore various career pathways and professional environments. If you do not intend to pursue a career in secondary education, an internship can introduce you to the world of archives, museums, national parks, and historic sites. Ideally, internships should be performed in your junior and/or senior years, to ensure a solid background in history and historical research before entering a professional setting. Internships are available during the regular academic year as well as the summer.  Students are required to have a minimum 3.0 GPA to qualify for an off-campus internship, which can range from three to twelve credits.  However, only six internship credits can be used to fulfill the history major course requirements.  A three-credit internship requires a total of 120 hours of work on site.

Contact Dr. Christin Cleaton-Ruiz, Bates 120, 413-572-8162 or email: ccleatonruiz@westfield.ma.edu

Recent Internship Placements:

Washington Internship Placements:


  • Available every semester for 2-3 students
  • 1 credit = 3 hours per week; 2 credits = 5 hours; 3 credits = 8 hours
  • Flexible days & times

For more information about the Journal and to read past articles, check out our website!

I. Overall Learning Goals

Deepen your knowledge of and appreciation for Massachusetts history. Develop skills in historical research, writing, and office protocol. Become familiar with the process of producing a scholarly journal; become familiar with the content/styles of articles in different types of history journals; learn to write a book review for publication; learn to proofread; help review and rate submitted articles.

II. Work on some of the following tasks depending on your interests:

50% Routine Office Tasks: Stuffing envelopes; packaging books; photocopying; library research; campus errands; searching for illustrations and photographs.

  • Research about Massachusetts history and historic sites
  • Help proofread articles before they’re sent to the printer
  • Student Editorial Board – help review new articles that are submitted
  • Write a book review for publication
  • Attend WSU talks/speakers’ events and set up a display table
  • Visit local museums/historical exhibits

Requirements: Junior or Senior; 3.5 GPA (may be waived). Ability to work independently. The days and times you work are flexible, based on your class and work schedule.

Contact Dr. Mara Dodge, Bates 116A, 413-572-5620 or e-mail: masshistoryjournal@westfield.ma.edu


The Global Women’s History Project (GWHP) brings women from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, together with women from the U.S. to interact with WSU students, faculty, staff and surrounding communities. These gatherings take place through presentations, workshops, multi-media events, and a World Café.

Earn from one to three credits a semester!

Open to ALL students!

The Global Women’s History Interns have opportunities to do the following:

  • Learn organizing skills, including program planning, research, preparing program materials and GWHP materials in general, publicity,  and all aspects of carrying out a conference
  • Interact closely with invited guests prior to and during the program. Learns about the regions of the world addressed, including history and women’s organizing
  • Learn how to conduct World Café
  • Learn  interpersonal skills in interacting with community and invited guests
  • Learns feminist praxis (theory and action) and research women’s history
  • Publish their writings for this Internship on the GWHP website
  • Participate in outings with other Interns, from concerts to lectures, to grassroots organizations, relevant to our topics
  • Become Involved in the Refugee Oral History Project and be Trained in Oral History Practices
  • Develop website skills by working on and contributing to our new website

For more info visit the website

Contact Dr. Elise Young, History Department, 413-572-8237 or e-mail: eyoung@westfield.ma.edu