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Welcome to Westfield State University!

Before you can log in to myWestfield, you must first activate your account. Please follow the instructions below.

Login here using the following schema

Username: <first letter of first name><last name><last 4 digits of CWID>

Example: John Smith A12345678
Username: jsmith5678
Password: A12345678

As part of the activation process, you will be prompted to establish 3 security questions which will allow you to reset your password in the future.


If you forget your password and cannot answer your security questions, you will need to present yourself with your Westfield State University ID or a TSA approved ID to the Technology Support Desk in Wilson 103.


What is myWestfield?

myWestfield is a secure site providing students, faculty and staff with world-class services, featuring a one-stop shop for checking e-mail, class registration, Internet and Intranet services. myWestfield eliminates the need to log into different areas and services to access your life here on campus.

You'll have access to your e-mail, your calendar, University announcements, etc. all in one window and by logging in only once!

  • Faculty can access their class rosters, grades, and more.
  • Students can access their schedule, grades, and more.

Your e-mail address is your
Email is the official means of communication so check it often!

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