MSW Admission Policy

The MSW program will accept applications for both the Westfield and Online programs.

Both program options will accept applications for the Traditional 66 credit program including the full-time (2 year), accelerated part-time (3 year) and part-time (4 year) options and the Advanced Standing 37 credit program including the full-time (1 year)  and part-time (2 year) options.

If you would like to have an admission packet emailed to you, or have questions about admission, please call us at (413) 572-8461 or email

Admission Process & Requirements:

All applicants should follow the below process and meet the described requirements (Specific additional requirements for Advanced Standing applicants are identified)

1. Applicants should apply online at

2. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. To apply for Advanced Standing the candidate must have a BSW from a CSWE accredited program.

3. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree that included a clear liberal arts base and a firm foundation in the social sciences, government, and human biology. (Applicants should identify their social science, government and human biology courses on the application form. Students who do not meet this requirement may be accepted into the program but will be required to take courses to meet these requirements prior to starting the program.)

4. Applicants need a 2.8 overall undergraduate G.P.A. For Advanced Standing candidates, the applicant should also have a 3.0 social work GPA. In extraordinary circumstances both requirements can be waived by the Admission Committee.

5. Applicants need to complete the MSW form, specifying Traditional MSW program or Advanced Standing MSW Program and whether they would like to be full-time or part-time.

6. Applicants need to have three letters of reference completed, including one academic reference. Advanced Standing applicants need to have one of their letters of reference from their BSW Program Director (or his/her designee). A letter from their Field Placement Supervisor is highly recommended.

7. Applicants need to submit a current resume.

8. Applicants need to complete a professional statement that describes:

  • reason(s) for interest in entering the field of social work; 

  • assessment of personal strengths and limitations related to the profession; 

  • examination of life experiences and relationship of these experiences to career choice. Discuss here evidence of your commitment to aiding people who are oppressed and/or members of vulnerable populations (good examples are prior work, civic or volunteer experiences); and 

  • assessment of personal values and congruence of these beliefs with the social work profession's value system (We suggest that you review the NASW Code of Ethics prior to writing the professional statement). 

The professional statement will be evaluated regarding the above material and also will be considered a writing sample to evaluate your ability to express yourself in written form. Applicants who believe that they have extraordinary circumstances regarding the GPA requirements must include their rationale for their request to have the GPA requirement waived.

Though human services experience is not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to describe any prior volunteer or work experience in their professional statement and include it on their resume. Professional experience is viewed positively and considered when making decisions regarding admissions and waiving GPA requirements.

The MSW Program does not require standardized testing (GRE or MAT) for admission to the program.

Application Deadlines:

All application materials must be received by February 1st for your application to be reviewed. The MSW program has an early decision application deadline of December 1 with admission decisions sent out in mid-February. The traditional application deadline is February 1 with admission decisions sent out the end of March. 

Within ten days of receiving acceptance notification, students must confirm their intention to enroll in the program, as well as submit a $150 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be credited to the student’s first semester bill.

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