Nursing Department Competencies Developed

Upon completion of the Nursing Program at Westfield State University graduates will:

  1. Provide safe, high quality, individual, empathic and family-centered care and interventions across the lifespan to promote health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities
  2. Exhibit a spirit of inquiry, use evidence as a basis for practice, and participate in life-long learning and self-development to support the identification of gaps in nursing knowledge and practice
  3. Collaborates using therapeutic communication with individuals, communities and inter-professional teams to design, manage, and evaluate care and maximize outcomes
  4. Advocate for ethical, and culturally relevant care for the populations served, incorporating changes in practice and policy, utilizing regulatory, legal and humanistic decision making.
  5. Integrate technology and information management to promote safety and to evaluate outcomes
  6. Utilize skilled, professional decision making by analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating the full range of client information in the delivery of nursing care
  7. Facilitate the transfer of both knowledge and skills to clients to achieve optimal health and higher quality care locally, nationally, and globally
  8. Provide evidence and theory-based nursing care to assure quality improvement