Theatre Arts Department Competencies Developed

  • Communication: Students will learn to communicate effectively by developing and defending informed viewpoints about theatre. Students will gain an understanding of the common elements and vocabulary of theatre and of the interaction of these elements, giving them the ability to analyze both dramatic literature and live performance perceptively and to evaluate them critically.
  • Creation/Production/Performance: Students will gain an overview of the collaborative elements of theatre and will demonstrate an understanding of the production process. Students will explore and experience different values, perspectives, and aesthetics allowing them to problem solve, create, perform and produce theatre. Students will successfully execute job duties related to the performance of a role, crew position and/or design assignment.
  • Professional Proficiency: Students will acquire the entrepreneurial skills necessary to assist in the development and advancement of careers in theatre. Students will learn to apply knowledge and skills to meet professional competencies in the field of theatre. Students will learn procedures and develop skills that enable them to conduct themselves in a manner accepted in the professional theatre community.
  • Historical Knowledge: Students will acquire familiarity with the full cannon of theatrical literature of various historical periods, cultural sources, and modes of presentation. Students will learn the essential elements of the historical development of theatre and drama. Students will relate, connect, integrate, and contextualize knowledge acquired in theatre courses.