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 Undergraduate or Second Bachelors
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*Registration for the Summer I/II 2023 sessions begins  on March 3, 2023

For the Fall and Spring semester only:  If you are a Graduate or Post-Bac student in 7 or more credits, or an Undergraduate in 9 or more credits, and do not wish to purchase insurance though the college, you must waive the state mandated insurance fee @

Forms for Graduate Students:

  Capstone Project Application
  Course Repeat - Graduate Students
  Directed Study Course
  Graduation Application for Master's
  Independent Study Project
  Internship/Non-Educational Practicum Application
  Major Change
  Pending Application Waiver
  Professional Development Waiver
  Request for Reasonable Accommodations

  Student Academic Integrity Report

Forms for Undergraduate Students: 

  Course Repeat - Undergraduate Students
  Declare a Double Major
  Declare a Minor Application
  Directed Study Course
  Graduation Application for Bachelor's Degree
  Independent Study Project
  Internal Transfer Application
  Internship/Non-Educational Practicum Application
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  Permission to take a Graduate Level Course
  Educational Practicum Application
  Re-Admission for Undergraduates
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  Financial Appeal Form

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  Delayed Payment Plan Application
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  Financial Aid Form (Intent to Enroll 2022-2023)
  Financial Aid Form (Intent to Enroll 2023-2024)
  Owl Bucks Transfer
  Senior Tuition Waiver

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  Meningococcal Vaccination Waiver

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  Course Waivers & Substitutions

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  Official Transcript Request
  Transcript Request- ACE and Non-Credit
  Change of Name or Address
  Credit Overload
  Disabilities Notification Form
  Enrollment Verification
  Grade Change
  Grade Extension
  Nevins Award Submission
  Prior Learning Experience Portfolio Application - Art Department
  New Student Deposit Directions