John Nevins Outstanding Educator Award
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Dr. John F. Nevins

John F. Nevins Outstanding Educator Award

John F. Nevin accepts the Outstanding Educator award in 1993.
Dr. John F. Nevins accepts the Outstanding Educator Award in 1993.

Graduate and Continuing Education has annually accepted nominations for the John F. Nevins Outstanding Educator Award since the 1986—1987 academic year.

The award is named after one of Westfield State University’s consummate educators and administrators. Dr. Nevins began his career at Westfield State University in 1969, and served the college in many roles: as a Professor of Education in both undergraduate and graduate programs, as Dean of Undergraduate Studies in 1978, as Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1978-1986, as President, 1986-1987, and again as Vice President in 1987- 1988. Dr. Nevins was the recipient of the College of Graduate and Continuing Education’s Outstanding Educator Award in 1993, and after his death the award was re-named in his honor.

Here is a listing of the past awardees:

Recipient Year
Maria del Mar Fariña 2023-2024
Nichole Wofford 2022-2023
Andrew Vengrove 2021-2022
Yolonda Bowman 2020-2021
Jessica Marchesi (Grabowski) 2019-2020
Katherine Walsh 2018-2019
Michele Wolf 2017-2018
Ramon Vasquez 2016-2017
Mark Horwitz 2015-2016
Kathleen Itterly 2014-2015
Robert A. Hayes 2013-2014
Jane Mildred 2012-2013
Marilyn Sandidge 2012-2013
Robert Rausch 2011-2012
Michelle Maggio 2010-2011
Judah Hughes 2009-2010
Cornelia Daniel 2008-2009
Michael Konig 2007-2008
Betsy Godin Conz 2006-2007
Jack A. Szpiler 2005-2006
Andrew Bonacci 2004-2005
Kimberly Tobin 2003-2004
Michael McCartney 2002-2003
Frank J. Giuliano 2001-2002
Howard J. Eberwein 2000-2001
Susan E. Dutch 1999-2000
Sandra Berkowitz 1998-1999
William J. Cook 1997-1998
Ellen Larder 1996-1997
Peter D. Mazza 1995-1996
Alida V. Merlo 1994-1995
Ricki Ellen Kantrowitz 1993-1994
John F. Nevins 1992-1993
James Martin-Rehrman 1990-1991
Patrick Romano 1989-1990
Elaine Cuphone 1988-1989
Marilyn Ettman 1987-1988
Gilbert Lamarre 1986-1987

John F. Nevins Outstanding Educator Award Nominations

The Office of Academic Affairs at Westfield State University is now accepting nominations for the John F. Nevins Outstanding Educator Award.

The award is named after one of Westfield State University’s consummate educators and administrators. 

Graduate and continuing education students, faculty, staff, and administrative members of the Westfield State University community may nominate any full or part-time faculty member teaching a graduate or continuing education course during the Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring semesters. The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2024.

The selection will be made by a panel of judges consisting of representatives from the graduate student body and Westfield State University administration, staff, and faculty.  The award will be announced at the 2024 Graduate Commencement Ceremony.

If you wish to nominate a faculty member for the John F. Nevins Outstanding Educator Award, please complete the nomination form by clicking the link below.

Some qualities to consider when contemplating a nomination are:

  • Concern with student learning
  • Openness to other views
  • Thoroughness in covering material
  • Knowledge of subject area
  • Commitment to graduate and continuing education students and programs
submit your nomination