Meet the Health Services Staff

Pauline Moran, Interim Director, Health Services

Family Nurse Practitioner, M.S., APRN, BC

Pauline began her journey to health services when she first attended St. Vincents Hospital School of Nursing in Worcester, Ma, and then went to Worcester State College where she received her BSN. Later, she graduated from Umass Amherst with a Master of Science in Primary Care and became board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She began at WSU in 2011 as a nurse practitioner in Health Services. 
Her favorite or most rewarding part of working on a college campus is that this is her favorite age group to work with and she loves the amount of teaching involved with visits. Pauline loves how appreciative the students are. She enjoys helping students, who many times are seeking medical care on their own for the first time, remain comfortable and informed about their bodies and health care decisions. She loves that Health services can help students make informed decisions about their health as well as learn something new about their body. 
If she could tell her younger self something, it would be to take more risks and to not be scared to travel far away. Also, she would like to tell herself to relax because life is wonderful, and everything turns out amazing.  Pauline loves Western Massachusetts and especially the changing of seasons, as well as being close to family.  In her free time, she loves to spend time with her two granddaughters, reading when she gets the chance, and taking her one-year-old lab Maisie for walks.  (Interviewed by Jake Mahoney, Art’s English, Class of 2022)

Kelly Palm, Interim Assistant Director

Family Nurse Practitioner, M.S., APRN, BC 

Kelly started her journey with the intention of becoming a veterinarian. However, things did not go as planned, but as they say, life has a funny way of leading us on paths that we sometimes never expect. In her attempt to find a new path, Kelly decided to embark on the nursing journey to follow in her mom’s footsteps. What started as pure emulation blossomed into a journey of fulfillment and a love for nursing. Kelly earned her associate degree in nursing right here in Massachusetts at HCC and then moved to Hawaii. There she worked as a nurse at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. While working at Queens, she decided to pursue her bachelor’s degree at Hawaii Pacific University. After 10 years in Hawaii, Kelly moved back to Massachusetts to be closer to family. In 2014, she earned her Master’s Degree in Nursing and became a Family Nurse Practitioner. After trying a couple of different jobs, Kelly found her niche in college health, where she enjoys working with and educating young adults. She has taught STI and Contraceptive classes at her sons’ school as well as nursing students at Greenfield Community College. She has done so much right? But Kelly is also a mom and a wife and I had to ask how she balances it all. She shared that she tries to choose jobs that will fit into her schedule so she can make time for her family. She also shared that as a way to spend more time with her children and work as a nurse during the summers, she used to do camp nursing and bring her kids along with her. Having such a beautiful soul join our Westfield State family is nothing short of a blessing. Kelly has been here for a short time (October of 2020) but looks forward to getting to know her new Westfield State University family. She is excited for our school setting to return to normal so she can bond with the students in person. (Interviewed by Seldine Chambers-Sutton, Health Sciences, Class)

Lisa Campbell, Administrative Assistant

Lisa is the Administrative Assistant for Health Services here at Westfield State University. She joined our Owl family nine years ago when she started working as the Administrative Assistant with the Counseling Center. Before coming to Westfield, Lisa worked as an Office Manager for a Springfield Law Firm for sixteen years, was a Property Manager and a Realtor. Lisa became interested in Westfield because she wanted a change of pace and has always wanted to work in a school setting.
Lisa loves helping people achieve their goals. For students, she is the first step of help. She guides students to receive the assistance that they need to feel supported while at WSU. Lisa believes in the importance of having a face to the name of the professional who is going to support a student. A student can be nervous when making an appointment, so it is helpful to have an idea of who they will meet. Some of Lisa’s favorite aspects of her job are its fast-paced nature and facilitating projects within Health Services Department. Lisa is part of the Sexual Violence Prevention Program and you will also find her at Fresh Check Day every year. A new part of Lisa’s job that she is excited about is supervising Outreach Interns that will aid the Health Services Department
Outside of work, Lisa loves to spend time with her large family in Westerly, Rhode Island. She has four grown children and a growing number of grandbabies. One of her favorite projects to do with her grandchildren is painting rocks. Lisa keeps the painted rocks in her flowerbed, and she gives her grandchildren their “memory rock” every Christmas to remember the time that they spent at the beach with her and her husband.  Also, Lisa enjoys coastal walking marathons, hiking, playing volleyball, and spending time outdoors. (Interviewed by Julia D’Agostino, Psychology, Class of 2021)


Seldine Chambers-Sutton

Outreach Intern

My Name is Seldine Chambers-Sutton and I am a current sophomore and Health Science major here at Westfield State. I grew up on the island of Jamaica where I was taught and exposed to so many things that have crafted and developed the young woman I am today. I am on a path where I aim to become a medical doctor and strive to serve as an example and motivation to young people out there who are discouraged by the difficulties life has thrown at them. You see, life is one ride full of ups and downs and it is up to us to make the best of it. My fulfillment in life stems from bonding and motivation and I always strive to find ways to bond with others. My job as an outreach intern has provided me with a great platform to socialize with the student body and has given me a broader perspective which in turn impacts my approach to connecting with them on a more personal level. I, as an outreach intern, in my capacity am not only the representative of the student body in itself but I also serve as the voice of the students. I am aware of what it is like to be a student, sometimes feeling unheard with little sense of direction on how to approach matters on our campus. Through my work, I am able to share tools and tips and work together with my team to successfully connect with and help students on a daily basis.

Professional Information:
  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at WSU Class of 2023

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