Teacher Incentive

The Westfield State University College of Graduate and Continuing Education supports our community educators and those aspiring to be educators by offering a Teacher Incentive program to provide assistance to those looking to further their education as teachers.

In order to be eligible for the CGCE Teacher Incentive program, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

All teacher licensure students ( undergraduates, post-bac and graduate students).
  • Be admitted into a teacher licensure program through the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education.   ( Day students are not eligible.)
  • Remain in  good academic standing
  • Pass the Massachusetts Communication and Literacy MTEL.  ( Undergraduates will need to pass this exam in order to receive the discount; they do not need to pass the exam to be admitted.) 
  • Undergraduate students will be charged $288 per credit, rather than $306 per credit.
  • Graduate students are charged $312 per credit  rather than $332 per credit.

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