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Animation Minor

Why Minor in Animation?

For non-art majors interested in a career in Animation or preparation for graduate study in Animation, the Animation Minor offers broad-based training in this field of art.  The Animation Minor exposes students to a wide range of contemporary and conventional techniques.  These include documentary animation, character animation, stop motion, digitally generated animation, and other emerging technologies.  The minor culminates in a project consisting of an animated film as well as a portfolio presenting the students’ professional and creative work in the field.

Requirements for Animation

Required Courses - 21 credits

  • ART 0103 - Drawing I
  • ART 0108 - Computer Graphics for Art Applications I
  • ART 0225 - Animation Foundations
  • ART 0265 - Animation II
  • ART 0325 - Animation III
  • ART 0335 - Animation IV
  • ART 0375 - 3-D Animation