Westfield State's Art majors focus on the techniques in the skills you want to master for a career in Art History, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Teaching Certification or graduate study.

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Program Description

The Art Major sequence of classes has been structured to develop a critical understanding of making art and understanding art in a variety of media through teaching technical skills as well as expanding and deepening creative ideas. These foundation classes are of critical significance as it provides each student a comprehensive background in color, form, structure, and design. The courses are suited to those students wishing to major in art, as well as those who wish to include studio art as part of their liberal arts education. The Art Major foundation classes lead students into the department's concentration specializations in the final two years of study.

A mandatory review of an Art major's artwork from the Art Major sequence of classes will occur at the end of an Art major's fall sophomore semester. Satisfactory completion of the portfolio review is required for all Art Majors that have completed 45 credits of University classes to continue as an Art Major. Students must pass the portfolio review to continue in the major. This in-person portfolio review by the Art Department's faculty will occur at the end of the semester during the week of finals. Students will have to submit their portfolio digitally before the Tuesday of Thanksgiving Break.

*The department's acceptance of the 60-credit transfer student's (junior standing) portfolio submission upon entering the University will meet the requirement of this class.

Requirements for Art Majors

One of the following:


** Students completing Art Teacher Licensure Programs must take ART 0108 Introduction to Computer Graphics as their art elective.

Art majors are required to take ART 0106 and ART 0107, to satisfy the Appreciation of the Arts requirement of the common core.

Art majors must complete a minimum of 27 credits of course work within the Art Department at Westfield State. Students are advised to consult their advisors for information on course sequencing and general core requirements.

Art majors intending to pursue graduate work beyond their major are advised to take additionally recommended studio courses of their choice. It is also advisable to include more than the minimum requirements in Art History.

Additional Graduation Requirements

All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developed capacity for critical, creative, investigative, and conceptual thinking.
  • Ability to identify and solve visual and conceptual problems.
  • Ability to present and communicate effectively, creatively, and critically across a range of form and media
  • Generate a personal focus and contribute an independent voice to the world
  • Be ready to work as professionals in art education; art history; design; fine arts; illustration and animation
  • Refer to the fullest range of historical and contemporary art and design sources from across cultures and time
  • Apply a wide range of research methods and technologies in gathering and analyzing information
  • Engage effectively in individual and/or collaborative approaches to work
Photography Art Image Gallery
Art Club
The purpose of this club is to enrich the educational experience of all students interested in art by providing trips to art museums.


Art Club
Graphic Design Club
The Graphic Design Club provides members with a better understanding of graphic design and graphic arts in visual communication.


Graphic Design Club
The primary purpose of the Westfield State Otaku Club is to provide members of the club with information pertaining to Japanese animation.


Photography Club
This club was created to promote the art, science, and fun of photography.