Take the Next Step to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree!

Our RN to BSN program prepares registered nurses (RNs) who hold an Associate of Science in Nursing to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Complete a program of study that builds upon existing knowledge and skills and prepares you to take on a broader role in health care.  With a BSN, you are prepared to achieve leadership roles, gain professional mobility and continue on to graduate study in nursing.

How Long Will It Take?

  • Our RN to BSN program may be completed in 12, 15, or 24 months.
  • The program is delivered online. Students will have the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty via virtual sessions that are offered at times throughout the program.
  • WSU accepts up to 90-credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities.
  • The program starts in September or January.

What Will I Learn?

Our curriculum covers subjects including:

  • research and the application of evidence-based practice
  • patient safety
  • legal issues
  • ethical standards
  • technology integration
  • health care systems and policies

Receive crucial training in key areas such as:

  • communication
  • cultural and ethical understanding
  • leadership and critical thinking
  • knowledge in effectively managing the complex and changing landscape of today’s health care delivery systems

How Much Will It Cost?

We offer the most affordable RN-BSN program in Western Massachusetts.
The total cost to complete all Nursing courses is under $11,000.

Program Director Jessica Holden gives an inside look at Westfield State University’s RN to BSN program, offered at three locations.

What Are The Admission Requirements?

  • Have an associate degree in nursing from an accredited school of nursing
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 on college/ university courses completed prior to admission
  • Possess an unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in the United States by the start of the program
  • Official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended
  • Submit one academic or professional recommendation


Requirements for the Nursing Major (RN-BSN)

Nursing courses and science lab courses require a grade of "C" or better to remain in good standing. Students may repeat only one clinical course with less than a "C" grade during their entire program.

Required "Non-Nursing" Courses - 31 credits

This area includes both core and non-core courses.

Nursing Courses in the Major - 30 credits

Additional Graduation Requirements

All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core.

Learning Outcomes

The goals for the Westfield State University Nursing Program are to assist its  students to:

  • Integrate knowledge from the humanities, physical and social sciences and to recognize and to support diversity in the practice of nursing.
  • Use evidence-based skilled nursing practice to promote, maintain and restore health across the lifespan to individuals, families and groups in a variety of health care settings.
  • Become beginning professional nurses who embody legal, cultural and ethical understanding to deliver patient centered care in a collaborative, caring and safe manner.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to formulate skillful, caring nursing interventions to effectively meet health care challenges for individuals, families and/or communities.
  • Utilize current gerontological knowledge to maintain and restore health to aging clients or to support a peaceful end-of-life.
  • Value and confidently use appropriate health care technologies to enhance the care of patients.
  • Model an understanding of the role of the professional nurse as a leader who recognizes the importance of effective communication skills, the understanding of resource demands, the promotion of teamwork and the need to be flexible and delegate appropriate
  • Demonstrate a spirit of inquiry, an understanding of self and a commitment to life-long learning.
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