Coaching & Managing Conflict


Managing conflict can often be one of the most challenging parts of being a manager. The best method for dealing with conflict is preventing it in the first place. That’s where coaching comes in. Coaching is an alliance between a manager and their staff members to assist them with personal and professional development. It can include anything from time and task management to managing work/life balance.

Coaching can often help a manager:

  • Maximize department and team performance
  • Build relationships
  • Restructure teams for maximum performance
  • improve department and team meetings
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of the department
  • Resolve conflict among department and team members

The goal of the coach is to provide a space where an employee can talk openly and honestly about aspects of their lives that they want to improve. The most important part to note here is that it should come from the employee. The role of the coach is to ask probing questions, guide the employee toward specific goals, and hold them accountable for the things they say they’re going to do.

Here are some resources to help you become a better manager and coach:

Managing Conflict

An important part in the process of developing employee’s to their full potential is recognizing conflict and knowing when to intervene before conflict turns into chaos. To manage conflict effectively, you must create an open communication environment by encouraging employees to talk about work issues. Listening to your employees’ concerns will build trust and foster an open environment. Make sure to engage your employees by asking questions to better under their perception of the problem.
Regardless of the reasons for conflict, your immediate response as the manager is paramount. Here are some tips to help better manage conflict amongst your team:

  • Acknowledge that a difficult situation exists
  • Let individuals express their feelings
  • Define the problem so that everyone agrees on it
  • Determine underlying need
  • Find common areas of agreement, no matter how small
  • Find solutions to satisfy needs
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