Biology Career Opportunities

Why earn a degree in Biology?

If you are like students that have attended Westfield throughout its rich 150 year plus history, you will probably answer this question with a simple "to get a job." However, the current economic environment is very different than it ever was. The shrinking world, new technologies, new management styles, and new company policies have all contributed to a much more dynamic employment environment than most of our parents experienced. Workers in the labor force today are much more likely to change jobs multiple times during their working careers, and to even change careers during their lifetime of employment. So, what can you expect if you earn a degree in Biology from Westfield State University?

The Biology Department faculty view learning as a continuous lifelong pursuit with many stages, much as a cell goes through many stages during its development. A major axiom of developmental biology holds that cells are relatively undifferentiated in early developmental stages, and have equipotential to become one of thousands of cell types later in development. We see parallels in student development. Consequently, the Biology Department faculty are continuously looking for ways to assist students identify a path suited to their development.

The following list is a sample of the occupations that our recent graduates have entered:

Microbiology Environmental Analysis Fish & Wildlife Medicine
Quality Control Technician Environmental Consulting National Park Service Podiatry
Food Science Environmental Lab Director Museum Curator Pharmacy
Nursing Professor of Biochemistry Dental Hygiene Teaching
Medical Technology Optometry  Electron Microscopy Veterinary Medicine
Landscaping Medical Research Environmental Engineer Sales

Our graduates are certainly not limited to the occupations listed above; in fact, the following list represents additional possibilities:

Pediatrics Radiology Anthropology Ecology
Biological Illustrator Physician's Assistant Oceanographer Biological Photographer
Landscape Architecture Peace Corps Soil Science Toxicology
Home Economy Cytology Chiropractic  Genetic Counseling
Food & Drug Inspector Endocrinology Forestry Horticulture
Environmental Planning Fisheries Taxidermy Marine Biology
Fish Culture Aquatic Biology Paleontology Respiratory & Physical Therapy