We specialize in the Student to Scientist Transition

Students in our Biology Program have a distinct advantage by choosing Westfield State. They are mentored throughout their education by hands-on faculty who are experts in many biology disciplines and can guide students in the direction of their curiosity and ambition.

All of our biology students are involved in undergraduate research, which gives them a distinct advantage in graduate school and careers. Students publish and present at conferences and are active on campus through the biology club, and professional development events where they meet biology alumni. We have state of the art labs, work spaces between the labs and faculty offices to encourage communication, and wheels on the tables and chairs to further encourage collaboration!

  • All Biology students participate in Undergraduate research
  • We host a charter of the national biology honor society, Beta Beta Beta 
  • You begin relevant course work and are in the labs from your first semester 
  • Our independent research students have 24-hour access to labs 
  • The biology major can be customized to prepare you for careers or medical/graduate school in a variety of disciplines including medicine, veterinary, biotechnology, ecology, and teaching.
  • Compassionate and accomplished faculty
  • Low student to faculty ratios
  • Nationally recognized by the Bachelor's Degree Center for our tuition cost, alumni salary and student satisfaction.  
  • Opportunities for experience out of the classroom through internships, field trips, and community outreach.  

Contact us

David Christensen
Chair - Biology Department
Wilson Hall, W-220-C

Fall 2022 Events

Date and Time Event Location 
Wed, September 14th
10:00 - 11:00 am
Biology and Environmental Science Coffee Hour
Wilson 206
Friday, September 16th
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Brandon Sullivan (WSU '21)
Ragon Institute, MIT
Exploring the relationship between innate immunity and metabolic disease
Friday, September 23rd
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Giulio Quarta, MD
NYU Langone Health and College of Medicine
Exploring the metabolites of the gut microbiome through RNA riboswitches
Sci 213
Friday, September 30th
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Tim Parshall, PhD
Westfield State University 
Our changing forests: studying the impacts of non-native plants near WSU
Sci 213 / Zoom
Friday, October 7th
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Annie Cramer (WSU '23)
Westfield State University
Effects of land-use change on spillover risk of multi-host pathogens
Sci 213 / Zoom
Thursday, Oct 20th
11:30 -12:30 pm
CURCA Lunch & Learn
High Impact Practice Ideas 
SCI 304
Friday, Oct 21st
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Steve McCormick, PhD
Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center 
The physiology of anadromy: How and why salmon move between rivers and oceans
Sci 213 / Zoom
Friday, Oct 28th
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Wayne Barnaby, PhD Candidate
UMASS Amherst NSB Program 
Lose your inhibitions: GABAergic signaling in zebrafish locomotion
Sci 213 / Zoom
Thursday, Nov 3rd
11:30 -12:30 pm
CURCA Lunch & Learn 
Getting Creative with Library Research 
SCI 304
Friday, Nov 4th
12:30 pm
Seminar Series: Aramati Casper, PhD
Colorado State University 
Biology is non-binary: Uniquing current norms and norming diversity


Thursday, Nov 17th
11:30 -12:30 pm
CURCA Lunch & Learn 
Designing a Poster? Need Help? 
SCI 304

Friday, Nov 18th
12:30 pm 

Seminar Series: Matthew Dibbern 
Westfield State University 
A month in South Africa: Marine pollution in Mossel Bay
Sci 213 / Zoom



The biology department at Westfield State University fosters the development of the scientific skills students need to address the challenges facing society in the 21st century, from climate change, to emerging diseases, to social justice. 

We aim to provide our students with a broad foundation in the fundamental areas of biology, while also assisting them in their pursuit of advanced knowledge and skills in one or more sub-disciplines via courses, internships, and research opportunities. Our faculty strive to create an inclusive and active learning environment by applying a variety of pedagogical approaches that focus on student centered learning.


The vision of the Biology department at WSU is to prepare students of all backgrounds for a career in STEM fields by creating an inclusive, equitable learning environment that fosters student self-efficacy through exposure to content and research.