Biology Department Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate a comprehension of the following core concepts from the molecular to ecosystem level:

  • Evolution: Change over time and mechanisms involved
  • Structure and function: How the shape of something affects performance
  • Energy transformation: Energy capture, use and transfer
  • Information flow: Transmission and interpretation of biological information
  • Systems: Interaction and organization of components


Students will be able to:

  • Apply the process of science.
  • Apply quantitative reasoning to biological questions.
  • Work effectively as a team.
  • Properly use laboratory and field equipment and techniques in an accurate, safe manner.


  • Contextualize scientific topics as it relates to society using scientific literature.  
  • Communicating and listening to those who have differing view points and perspectives in a collegial and respectful manner.
  • Communication of ideas effectively both orally and in writing.  

These Learning Outcomes and additional useful information is also available in the Student Handbook.