Laboratory and Studio Safety

Westfield State University is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment.

The University encourages and supports all programs which promote safety, good health and the well-being of University faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Chemical and Biological Safety Plans are written to provide safety protocols and procedures. Training programs are designed to ensure all laboratory and studio personnel are aware of proper safety rules. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and chemical inventories are available online through the chemical inventory program. Efforts to improve laboratory and studio safety by increasing awareness of environmental impact, encouraging use of less hazardous substances, and developing responsible disposal practices are ongoing. 

Failure to follow safety rules and regulations is a violation of University policy and major offenses will be reported the appropriate offices.

Major offenses include:

  • Not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment –  repeat offender
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing/shoes – repeat offender
  • Propping open or not locking door  –  repeat offender
  • Conducting an unauthorized experiment
  • Conducting an experiment at unauthorized time – repeat offender or dangerous activity
  • Stealing chemicals, biologicals, radioactive materials or equipment
  • Threatening others with dangerous substances or equipment
  • Not reporting or attempting to conceal a major incident
  • Purposefully causing a major incident
  • Improper disposal of hazardous waste – major quantity/hazard or multiple minor hazardous waste disposals
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Vanessa Melanson
Chemical Hygiene Officer