Permits & Parking Information

Westfield State University has a formal Parking Program that was developed and operates under the aegis of the Parking Control Board. The Parking Control Board recommends University parking policy.

The Parking Control Board authorizes University Police as the enforcement component of all parking regulations.

Every vehicle parked on campus is required to display either a decal (students, staff & faculty) or a temporary permit (visitors & contractors).

A 24 -Hour Temporary Permit can be obtained at University Police (24/7)

Decals can be purchased at and are mailed to the mailing address provided. 

Appeal Your Ticket Online 

Parking Decals


Vehicles are to be parked in the lot indicated by their decal or permit at all times. However, South Lot is the overflow lot and any vehicle may park in South Lot provided it has a valid decal or permit.

Those with South Lot "S" decals may park in Commuter "C" lots from Friday 5:00 p.m. until Midnight, Sunday.

Visitors attending University sponsored events may park without a permit in any Faculty/Staff "F/S" (except where signage does not permit) or in any commuter parking spot and do not need a pass after 5:00pm only.

All overnight visitors/guests to campus must register their vehicle with the University Police Department and obtain a temporary parking permit to park only in the South Lot.


All Parking is subject to change when the SNOW EMERGENCY POLICY is in effect.

Information on where parking during a SNOW EMERGENCY will be sent via your WSU email account.

Cars parked in indicated lots when snow emergency policy is in effect are subject to $100.00 ticket and towing.


Remember that the speed limit on campus roads is 15 M.P.H. In all parking lots the speed limit is 5 M.P.H.


log on to: to pay parking tickets. Inquiries concerning amounts owed should be directed to the Parking Office at 413-572-8731.

Ticket appeals are done on-line. Use the link above or Search "Ticket Appeals" on the University main page for the form and directions.

Tickets may only be appealed up to 21 days after they are issued.


If I'm assigned to South Lot, how will I get back to my residence hall or class building?
University Police operates a Shuttle Service from South Lot. For more information see the Shuttle & Escorts Page.

I'm a commuter student and drive more than one car: may I purchase more than one decal?
No. All students are limited to the purchase of ONE decal. The only exception is for a motorcycle. Motorcycles can be added to your existing permit at no additional cost for commuting students. (Resident students may not have both a car and motorcycle permit.) However, should you need to bring your second vehicle to campus we will gladly provide a 24-hour pass.

Can University Police help jump my car?
The University Police maintains a battery operated booster pack for this purpose. Call University Police at 413-572-5262 and an officer will respond to your on-campus location. University Police will also assist you if you need to contact AAA or a towing company.

Can University Police open my car should I lock my keys in it?
The University Police does not perform this service. University Police will assist if you need to contact AAA or a towing company.