Weather Alert: Due to changing weather conditions that impact safety, including ice, the University will now be closed and on-ground classes are cancelled, on Friday, Nov. 16. Online courses will take place as scheduled. Note that tonight’s athletic events and the theater performance “O Beautiful” will still take place this evening at 8 p.m. in the Ely Studio Theater, as the campus walkways and parking lots will be clear and safe to use at that time. And, the Ely Fitness Center will be open today from 1 to 7:30 p.m. PARKING BAN INFO




Denise Page

Storekeeper IV - Administrative Services & Procurement
Parenzo Hall, 014

t:(413) 572-5249
f:(413) 572-5486

Stephen Pais

Maintenance Equipment Operator - Trades & Grounds
Trades Building

f:(413) 572-5508

Lynn Pantuosco - Hensch

Associate Professor - Movement Science
Woodward Center, 228

t:(413) 572-8213
f:(413) 572-8214

Jennifer Pappas

Clinical Placement Coordinator
Staff Associate - Nursing and Allied Health
Wilson Hall, 216

t:(413) 572-8442
f:(413) 572-8187

Robin Parsons

Administrative Assistant II - Institutional Research & Assessment
Parenzo Hall, 102

t:(413) 572-8199

Bill Pass

Academic Advisor
Staff Assistant - Academic Advising Center
Parenzo Hall, K/L

t:(413) 572-8815
f:(413) 572-8197

Eric Patrick

Database Administrator
Assistant Director - Information Technology Services
Wilson Hall, 100-B

t:(413) 572-8272
f:(413) 572-5615

Eric Patterson

Adjunct Professor - Art
Parenzo Hall

t:(413) 572-5630
f:(413) 572-8147

Glenn Peabody

Plumber And Steamfitter II - Trades & Grounds
Scanlon Hall

t:(413) 572-8087
f:(413) 572-5508

Guillermo Peart

Maintainer III - Environmental Services
Bates Hall

t:(413) 572-8263
f:(413) 572-5486

Irma Pellot

Maintainer I - Environmental Services
Dickinson Hall

t:(413) 572-8148
f:(413) 572-5486

Alice Perry

Assistant Professor - Criminal Justice
Horace Mann Center , 135

t:(413) 572-8367
f:(413) 572-8524

Michelle Pescetta

Administrative Assistant I - Art
Dower Center, 101

t:(413) 572-5630
f:(413) 572-8147

Laura Phelon

Public Affairs Specialist
Assistant - Public Affairs Office
Horace Mann Center

t:(413) 572-5523
f:(413) 572-4843

Julie Phillips

Annual Giving Coordinator - Advancement and University Relations
Horace Mann Center , 240

t:(413) 572-8489
f:(413) 572-5490

Carlton Pickron

Vice President - Student Affairs
Ely Building, 208

t:(413) 572-5272
f:(413) 572-5556

Dulce Pimentel

Maintainer I - Environmental Services
Horace Mann Center

t:(413) 572-8522
f:(413) 572-5486

Laura Pisano

Administrative Assistant II - Nursing and Allied Health
Wilson Hall, 216

t:(413) 572-8335
f:(413) 572-8187

Deborah Pise

Clerk IV - Enrollment Management
Horace Mann Center

t:(413) 572-8558
f:(413) 572-0520

Kathy Pitoniak

Administrative Assistant I - TRiO Student Support Services Program
Parenzo Hall, 104

t:(413) 572-5793
f:(413) 572-3123

Jean Placzek

Administrative Assistant II - Academic Affairs
Parenzo Hall

t:(413) 572-5638
f:(413) 572-5537

Addison Plante

Graphic Designer
Staff Assistant - Marketing & Communication
Horace Mann Center , 014B

t:(413) 572-8673
f:(413) 572-8013

Lisa Plantefaber

Interim Dean of Research and Assessment
Dean - Institutional Research & Assessment
Parenzo Hall, 102

t:(413) 572-5733

Peter Porra

Campus Police Officer I - Public Safety
White House

t:(413) 572-5262
f:(413) 572-5496

Alvin Porter

Maintainer III - Environmental Services
Lammers Hall

t:(413) 572-5459
f:(413) 572-5486

Nicole Pratt

Administrative Assistant I - Institutional Advancement
Horace Mann Center , 240

t:(413) 572-8632

Ellen Prest

Assistant Food Services Manager - Dining Services
Dining Commons

f:(413) 572-5473

Daniel Price

Associate Professor - Criminal Justice
Horace Mann Center , 141

t:(413) 572-8146
f:(413) 572-8524

Jennifer Prokop

Administrative Assistant I - College of Graduate and Continuing Education
Horace Mann Center

t:(413) 572-8403
f:(413) 572-5227

Jennifer Propp

Associate Professor - Social Work
Mod Building, 102-C

t:(413) 572-8838
f:(413) 572-3122

Diane Prusank

Vice President - Academic Affairs
Parenzo Hall

t:(413) 572-5214
f:(413) 572-5537