Social Work CEUs

Westfield State University offers CEUs to licensed social workers in the following ways:

Leadership in Human Services Academy

Future dates TBA

Four face-to-face seminars are scheduled for the following Wednesday evenings from 6 - 9pm:

  • First meeting:
  • Second meeting:
  • Third meeting:
  • Fourth and final meeting:


At some point in your career as a highly-skilled social worker or human service professional, you may find yourself promoted from line/clinical/direct care staff to supervisor or administrator. As you move into these positions, you may find that despite your prior training, you still feel completely unprepared and as if you are missing key areas of training. This certificate program is designed to bridge that gap for you and provide you with the core knowledge of leadership, administration, and supervision to help you be successful as you transition into a leadership role.

The program is divided into four units. For each unit, you will complete five one-hour online modules and then attend a three-hour face-to-face seminar that explores the application of material covered in the online modules. The entire program takes 12 weeks to complete.

Cost: $800
CEUs: 32 CEUs for licensed social workers

Note: You may enroll in individual training at $30 (1 CEU) per module. Face-to-face seminars are restricted to certificate participants only