Students Called to Active Military Duty

If you are called to active duty immediately notify the Veteran Services Office at (413) 572-8420 or


If you are called to active duty for whatever reason during an active school term the school will do whatever it can to make both your transition out of school and reintegration back into school upon your return smooth and as stress free as possible. The key to this is communication, the sooner the school knows about your impending activation and what it means the sooner Westfield State can work to find the best solution for your specific situation. Westfield State and the Veteran's Service Office will work hard to ensure that the best possible solution for you is attained.

Official Policy

Students who are unable to complete a semester because they are called to active United States military duty shall, upon verification, be granted the option of a refund or credit of tuition and campus fees. With respect to any health insurance fee, the refund policy is subject to the concurrence of the carrier.


Students who have received any form of financial aid including a full or partial scholarship or student loan, or those who expect to receive such aid should contact the Financial Aid office to make appropriate arrangements. Students shall receive non-punitive withdrawals in all courses from which they are required to withdraw.


Students residing in residence halls shall receive refunds on a pro rata basis for the remainder of the semester. Verification of the call to service must be provided to Veteran & Military Services, by providing a copy of the Order to Active Duty within one week of receipt of the order.

The university's President may waive or suspend any institutional policy or regulation that negatively impacts students in their withdrawal or readmission to the institution due to a call to active duty. Any student required to withdraw due to being called to active duty shall be given priority in enrollment in the program of his or her choice upon return to the institution for the two semesters immediately following his or her discharge from active duty