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Westfield State University billing adheres to the requirements of and complies with S2248 PL 115-407, Section 103.  All students using Chapter 31 VA education benefits are required to ensure Veteran & Military Services has a copy of the 1905 from their Veterans Readiness & Employment Counselor by the first day of classes. Students using Chapter 33 VA education benefits are required to submit their Certificate of Eligibility or Statement of Benefits by the first day of classes.  Students using Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 VA Benefits are required to submit a written request to confirm they want to use benefits each semester.  All of the above are to be submitted to Veteran & Military Services.

Each semester, in which you would like to receive VA benefits, you should notify the School Certifying Official of your continued enrollment and the number of credits you are taking. If, for whatever reason, you do not want to receive VA benefits, you must inform the Certifying Official of this fact.

If you are receiving benefits under Chapter 30, or Chapter 1606, you must verify your enrollment each month with the VA via the Web Automated Veterans Enrollment (WAVE) system, or you can certify via phone at 877-823-2378. As of the new requirements for the Isakson & Roe Act of 2021, students receiving the Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits are now required to verify their attendance through the VA at the end of each month. You are responsible for ensuring that your school certifying official is aware of your enrollment, and any subsequent changes in your schedule. See the linked forms below to confirm with our office if you are choosing benefits or not.

Using Benefits Form    Not Using Benefits Form

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