Preparing High School Students for College
One-hour long sessions available via Zoom

Female students talking to each other as they work on their laptops in the campus center

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Preparing for college is a process. It includes learning how to be an independent learner, to advocate for oneself and how to improve your academic skills continuously. Students with disabilities going to college should understand that they will be expected to perform – and will be assessed – in the same manner as their peers. There are other considerations, among them are:

  • What sorts of reasonable accommodations are available?
  • How do I request reasonable accommodations?
  • What sort of documentation do I need to receive accommodations?
  • Why doesn’t my IEP or 504 plan follow me to college?
  • What steps can I take now to be college ready?
  • What is the level of parents’ involvement in college?

Westfield State University’s Banacos Academic Center will host hour-long Zoom sessions to address these very questions for high school personnel, students and their parents or guardians.  Disability/Accessibility Services staff from the other Massachusetts Universities and a Westfield State Admissions representative will be present.  Sessions are capped at 50 sign ups. 

Sessions for students, families, and high school personnel (sign up here)

  • Dates for 2023-2024 to be determined

Please contact Sarah Lazare, director, Banacos Academic Center at Westfield State University with questions.